2023: ACOMORAN Vows To Deliver 2Million Votes For Governor Abiodun’s Re-election Bid

ABEOKUTA- Members of Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycles, Riders, Owners and Repairers Association of Nigeria (ACOMORAN) in Ogun state have pledged to deliver 2million votes to support the re-election of Gov. Dapo Abiodun’s second term ambition.

The members who spoke at their monthly state executive meeting unanimously passed vote of confidence on the governor saying one good term deserves another.

The union members while launching #OperationshowyourPVC# at their secretariat in Abeokuta on Friday appraised the governor for the establishment of transportation ministry in the state and composition of Park and Garages Development Board (PAGADEB).

Addressing members of the union, the ACOMORAN Chairman, Mr. Kayode Sowunmi noted that the establishment of the ministry of transportation has resolved the impasse that usually threatened the smooth operation and peace at motor parks and garages in the state.

Acomoran Chairman, Kayode Sowunmi

Sowunmi maintained that any government that ensure peace and tranquility deserved to commended and supported with at the ballot.

He, therefore, called on members of the union in the state to mobilize their family members and associates to vote massively for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming general elections.

“The Governor’s s second time is in the pipeline. I have never stayed with failure. My God has not failed me. The governor’s reelection shall be a success. Our association relies on the government in power, therefore, the governor’s second term is real.

“Our votes are for Dapo Abiodun. The reason for supporting Prince Dapo Abiodun’s re-election is because he deserves another term in the sense that, there’s peace in the state and no more thuggery at our garages. His administration established a ministry of transportation overseeing the affairs of transporters in the state.

“There is Park and Garages Board which also looks into our welfare and affairs of all garages in the state. This has changed the operation of the union in the state.

“We have over 2 million members in Ogun state with our wives and children. In this regard, we assure the Governor that 75% of his votes would come from the transport union.

“Like they say one good term deserves another and since Dapo Abiodun has proved himself true, we are pledging over 2 million votes to him, we will start mobilizing our family members and our passengers.”

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