It is with a great sense of duty that I stand before this Honourable House for the third time to present the third full year Budget Proposals for our dear State. The first full year Budget Proposals as contained in the 2020 Appropriation Bill was presented on Thursday, 28th November, 2019. Our hope then was that the process of the “Building Our Future Together” Agenda that we commenced in 2019 would go full throttle in 2020. That is exactly what we began to do in January 2020, before the Corona virus struck in February, disrupting everything including our way of life.

2. Amongst other drawbacks, the Pandemic constrained our revenue earning capacity thus forcing us to eventually review downwards the Budget size in July, 2020.  We are grateful to God almighty for seeing us through all the difficult times. We are equally grateful to President Muhammadu Buhari for all the support we received from the Federal Government through this battle. Our appreciation goes to all our frontline health workers and other responders who are still helping us to curtail the pandemic.

3. Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members of the Ogun State House of Assembly, in the outgoing year, our Administration remained committed to recovering from the shock of the pandemic, and be on our feet again. The good news is that we are indeed getting back on our feet and the economy is steadily recovering to its flourishing glory. And now that we are on our feet again, it is the right time for us to work together with the same resilience of the human spirit. Therefore, the main task in Year 2022 is to increase our pace of the implementation of our development plan as already designed and encapsulated in our Administration’s “Building Our Future Together” Agenda.

4. Year 2021 Budget was titled “Budget of Recovery and Sustainability”. Today, I stand before this honourable House to present the Appropriation Bill for Year 2022 of our dear State, which is meant to sustain and improve on the gains so far made and return us to the momentum of “Building Our Future Together” Agenda.  Therefore, we have christened this, “Budget of Restoration”.

5. Mr. Speaker, and the Honourable Members of the Ogun State House of Assembly, I express once again my appreciation for the tremendous support from the Members which we have enjoyed since the commencement of our Administration, especially towards the passage and final approval of both the 2020 and 2021 Appropriation Bills, as well as the revised 2022 – 2024 Medium Term Expenditure (MTEF) Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper.

6. Whilst I present a summary of the Budget Proposals of the coming year, the Honourable Commissioner of Finance; and, the Honourable Commissioner of Budget and Planning, will in due course provide the full details of the Budget Proposals for the next fiscal year.

Recent Developments

7. In order to bring development closer to the people and deepen our democracy, our Administration successfully conducted the Local Government elections in Ogun State in July this year.  The elections have been widely adjudged as the freest and most transparent election ever conducted by OGSEIC. By that election, we have also demonstrated that we are inheritors of a proud legacy of best democratic, ideals, principles and practices. The elected Local Government Chairmen have since been sworn-in and taken charge of their respective Local Government Areas.  Let me once again use this opportunity to appreciate the electorates and all other stakeholders for our respective roles and contributions to the successful conduct of that election.

8. To leverage on our proximity to Lagos State, the fifth largest economy on the continent, in the course of this outgoing year, the Governor of Lagos State and I, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in respect of the Lagos-Ogun Joint Development   Commission. This synergy is aimed at taking full advantage of the respective comparative advantages of the two States and harnessing them for the mutual benefits of the two States and the people. This will facilitate socio-economic development in the two States; allow a collaborative approach for growth, and urban development. It will also cover the development of urban sustainability towards improvement of boundary town roads; water works; mass transit; revenue and taxation, including PAYE remittances, security, including intelligence gathering and sharing; amongst others.

9. As a responsible Government, we appreciate the immense roles and contributions from the informal sector of the economy. We also know that a healthy Nation is a wealthy Nation. For these reasons, our Administration has embarked on fast-tracking the Health Insurance Scheme to the Informal constituents of the State, towards achieving universal health coverage. Stakeholders’ meetings have been held with Trade and Artisans Unions and Associations, for their buy-in into the scheme for their benefit and wellbeing and that of their families. Those traders and artisans who have signed in would enjoy the packages after 60 days in about 146 primary and secondary health facilities across the State.

10. Despite the economic constraints, our Administration has made modest progress within the available limited resources. Some of these benefits have been well demonstrated through people-oriented projects, which include road re-construction and rehabilitation across the three Senatorial Districts of our State; health care delivery; education sector revitalization; affordable housing projects; agricultural development; digital and technological revolution; better sports development; and, improved welfare of workers. Our Administration has also reinvigorated the security architecture and improved on our Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) to attract more private sector investments.

11. We also recognize the importance of land to investment promotion. And, fortunately for us, providence has blessed us with a vast land mass that is also abundantly rich in mineral resources. Therefore, about a month ago, precisely, on Wednesday, 27th October, we launched the Ogun State Land Administration and Revenue Management System (OLARMS) Portal. This is to provide a contemporary online solution for use by potential land applicants with a view to streamlining the process of land purchase, administration and management in the State towards increased revenue generation.

12. Let me reaffirm that we are committed to the transformation and continued development of our dear State and increased prosperity for the people. We will continue to pursue this vigorously by formulating policies and implementing programmes that are people-friendly, through our 5 Strategic Pillars of I.S.E.Y.A. to actively drive key economic goals which are Real Sector Growth; Job Creation; Poverty Eradication and Increased Investments.

Performance of the 2021 Budget

13. Since the beginning of this year, I must say that, as a Government and people, we have begun moving very steadily towards full recovery from the effects of the pandemic. Our Budget credibility as determined by performance in year 2021 was better than what we had in the history of our State. Judging from our Internally Generated Revenue, we were able to achieve 80% IGR as at 30th September of this year. A brief detail of this, indicates that out of the State IGR Budget size of N121, 806,876,775.63 this year, a sum of N73, 064,877,599.72 was generated as at Q3 September ending, translating to 80% proportional performance, as against 44% proportionate performance recorded in Q3 2020. This indicates an improved performance, owing to the digitalization of our processes and the introduction of Central Billing System, amongst others.

14. A further break down reveals that, out of a total estimation of N338.61Billion projected as total funding, comprising of expected inflows N121.81B as internally generated revenue (IGR); N58.87 Billion as Statutory Allocation/ Value Added Tax and N139.53 Billion as the Capital Receipts, respectively. As at September ending, Q3 2021, the actual total funding was N177.02 billion representing 70% of the prorated revenue target of N253.96 billion.

Key Achievements in the 2021 Fiscal Year

15. During the year, our Administration has implemented several priority projects which cut across our State Development Pillars “ISEYA”. I am happy to report that much progress has been made on several fronts and our Administration has delivered on key policies, programmes and projects in these priority areas:


16. On the agenda of “Building our Future Together”, our Administration assured the people of the State that we will continue to be fair in the provision of infrastructure in all parts of the State. We promised that no part of the State will be developed at the expense of another. We believe that Infrastructure development has a multiplier effect on the economy by enabling the smooth flow of human and material resources within the State.  Road construction and rehabilitation takes a vital position in our infrastructural development. For example, the completion of Ijebu-Ode-Epe Road in Ogun East Senatorial District has been of immense benefit to all and sundry plying this route. The road serves as a major catalyst for industrial activities in Ogun and Lagos States, aiming and taking advantage of the Ijebu Ode-Epe-Lekki corridor. The Atan – Lusada– Agbara Road in Ogun West Senatorial District which has been flagged off is due for completion in 2022. The road serves the Agbara Industrial Estate which is arguably the biggest Industrial Hub, not only in Nigeria, but the entire West Africa sub-region. That road at each of its ends is also a link to two International Borders on the West African corridor. The Atan end links the Ota-Owode-Idiroko Road that leads to the Idiroko International Border while the Agbara end links the Badagry Expressway that leads to the Seme International Border. Of note, too, is the reconstruction of Abeokuta – Sagamu Interchange. Apart from the fact that this road is a major entry into Abeokuta, the State Capital, it also links two Senatorial Districts – Ogun Central and Ogun East respectively.

17. I am delighted to report that in two years, we have recorded giant strides that are visible across the length and breadth of our State. Our Administration in the last two years has reconstructed 34 roads spanning over 270km. Within the same period, another set of 41 roads have benefitted from rehabilitation covering over 322km.  Thus, we have worked on over 600km of rural, intra-State, and inter-State roads spread across the three Senatorial Districts of the State, in line with our commitment to an even development of the State and the completion of inherited projects that benefit to our citizens. It is important to note that some of the roads are Federal Government roads we have been compelled to reconstruct them because our citizens do not care about the ownership of the roads, they geo-locate the pains they experience at the points of contact. Our Administration is committed to bringing relief to our citizens regardless of the cause or source of the discomforts.

18. In furtherance of commitment to Infrastructural development, we have developed a multi- modal transportation master plan for the State that will integrate road, railway, water and air transport systems. The implementation of the master plan has since commenced. We are developing an Aerotropolis with the Construction of an International Agro-Cargo Airport which will be an ecosystem of Agricultural value chain, comprising of special Agricultural Processing Zone (SAPZ); facilitated by AFDB African international Quality Assurance Centre, being set up by Africa Export-Import Bank (AFREXIM); an Air-force Base; a Customs Training Centre etc. .Our ultra-modern mass transit bus system will also be launched very soon. We have taken delivery of high-capacity new buses equipped that are wifi-enabled, and better than conventional buses with a view to providing commuters a safe, affordable, fast, and pleasurable experience on the roads.

19. The infrastructure pillar of our Agenda includes but is not limited to roads; and multi-modal transportation system; but energy provision; and, digital economy infrastructure. We are determined to harness the potentials of our technology savvy youth and the status of our State as the Education Capital of the nation in the digital economy. This has informed several initiatives, including the establishment of the Ogun TechHub and the recent flag off of Ogun State Digital Economy Infrastructure Project (OGDEIP). About 5,000 kilometers of fibre optic cables will be laid across the State to provide easily accessible and affordable broadband Internet connectivity across the nooks and crannies of the State, including our health and educational institutions. This digital infrastructure will bridge digital divide, support industries as well as other initiatives in health (telemedicine) and education (virtual learning), amongst other benefits.

20. Availability of energy is oxygen to our vision of “live, work and play” in Ogun State. This has informed the establishment of the Ogun State Energy Board. We have signed a few Memoranda of Understanding with energy companies for partnership to generate power for the State. Our target is to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted power supply to Abeokuta, the State Capital, and a number of our major towns within the shortest possible time.

Social Welfare and Well Being

21.  The Social Welfare and Wellbeing pillar embodies several projects and policies to deliver specific benefits in areas of health; housing; security; environment and waste management, to name a few. Socio-economic development of the State and individual prosperity can only be achieved with a healthy citizenry. Thus, we have designed and implemented several multi-faceted initiatives with hub and spoke model at the heart of our healthcare delivery system. In this model, primary healthcare system is at the core, with the two other layers of secondary and tertiary health institutions respectively, providing higher levels of care and referral centers.

22. We have embarked on massive provision of facilities across all our primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions for them to discharge their assigned roles with greater effectiveness and efficiency. In the last two years, we have invested heavily in our health infrastructure and human capital development. No fewer than 100 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) have either been rebuilt or newly constructed and adequately equipped, in line with World Health Organization (WHO) standard. Our target is to have at least a functional Primary Health-care Centre (PHC) in each of our 236 wards. We have concentrated on the PHCs because they are the closest to the people and as the foundation for our hub and spoke healthcare delivery system. Our secondary and tertiary heath facilities are also been given adequate attention to offer referral health services.

23. The number of ambulances in the State has increased from 5 to 30 with provision of 24-hour ambulance service across the State. Furthermore, we have restructured the Ogun State Health Insurance Scheme (OGHIS) to address identified lapses and make it more efficient and affordable.

24. The provision of health infrastructure, equipment and other initiatives are complemented with incentives to motivate the workforce. The incentives include upward review of salaries and allowances of health workers; provision of health insurance for about 7,800 healthcare workers; and recruitment of over 300 health personnel across various cadres for Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching University. In addition, there is ongoing recruitment of additional health personnel for other health facilities in the State.

Only yesterday the NPHCDA announced that we are the top performing  State on Mass Vaccination and ranked first position.

25. Shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. It has continued to be one of the most expensive assets to own by individuals. Though, it consumes the huge capital outlay, the return on investment is equally gratifying. It is for this reason amongst others that our housing programme has been very ambitious. In fact, it is the most ambitious in the history of our State. The Ministry of Housing and its two major implementing agencies – Ogun State   Housing Corporation (OGSHC) and the Ogun State Property Investment Corporation (OPIC) are fully engaged in the provision of affordable housing units as well as medium to high income houses across the State. Already, over 1,300 units have either been completed or at different stages of completion.

26. We are aware that with the increasing population, there is bound to be pressure on the few available housing units. We owe it a duty to put roofs over the heads of our people in Ogun State. We are determined to provide at least 2,000 Housing Units by 2023 across the State. We have gone about 65% into actualizing that. While Prince Court at Kemta has already been commissioned, the level of work at the other sites like Kobape, Ijebu-Ode, Sagamu, Ilaro and Ota will convince Doubting Thomases of our determination.

27. We also appreciate that security is critical to the success of all the other initiatives of our development pillars. We recognized this from the onset, and we took bold and decisive steps to ensure adequate security of lives and property. We restructured and reinvigorated the Ogun State Security Trust Fund with a new legislation and made it private sector led. This was followed quickly with initial provision of over 100 patrol vehicles and 200 motorcycles fitted with communication equipment to our security agencies, thus facilitating timely information sharing and communication amongst the security agencies and their formations whilst enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

28. As a demonstrable display of our resolve to ensuring security in the State, we recently launched the Ogun State wing of the South-West Joint Security Outfit also known as “Amotekun”. This is to complement the efforts of the existing security architecture. They are equipped with patrol vans, motorcycles and other logistics support.

29. From available pool, we deployed a Joint Security Intervention Squad (JSIS), a special task force, to work with local vigilante and hunters, CDAs and other community stakeholders to quell the herders-farmers crises in some parts of the State. Arrangements are in top gear to re-launch Operation MESA, a joint patrol that includes the Army, Police, Civil Defence, State Security Service and others. Also, in the wake of curbing the wanton loss of lives and property on the roads, we had procured necessary gadgets for the smooth operations of the personnel of Traffic Compliance and Enforcement (TRACE), which includes 15 patrol bikes, 30 Crash Helmets and refurbishment of heavy-duty tow trucks among others. All these coordinated initiatives have yielded the desired results with our State being adjudged the most secure State in the country.

30.  May I use this opportunity to thank all the security agencies and community leaders for their cooperation and support in achieving this feat. In the same breadth, let me warn that no part of Ogun State will be a haven for criminals and criminality in whatever form. Let those who think that they can come into Ogun State with criminal tendencies have a quick rethink. Ogun State will never be a home for criminals, whether big or small. We will smoke them out, arrest them and hand them over to the swift hand of justice.


31. We are proud inheritors of unmatched legacies in Education. Our Administration cherishes this as the Education Capital of Nigeria. Our Administration is determined to deepen and extend this heritage and restore the lost glory. However, at inception, this proud legacy in education had been significantly eroded with Ogun State’s education ranking amongst states in the country on the downward trend. To reverse this, we declared a State of Emergency in Education and initiated several multi-dimensional policies and programmes that addressed all the elements in the education ecosystem, including but not limited to the teachers, learners, administrators, parents/guardians and infrastructure.

32. Besides our achievements in the education sector in 2020, this year, we have been to achieve the following amongst others:

Rehabilitation of over 956 schools;

Celebrating and Honoring our academic laureates;

approval of N200million as Annual State Education Intervention Fund for the development of infrastructure in State owned tertiary institutions;

approval for rehabilitation of internal and access roads of tertiary institutions;

approval for purchase of buses and other necessities for our  tertiary institutions;

approval of scholarships for outstanding students in all Ogun State tertiary institutions;

approval for the payment of Bursary to Ogun State Indigenes in Nigeria tertiary institutions;

approval for the construction of building project in all the State-Owned tertiary institutions through counterpart funding;

Ogun Teach Programme which seeks to employ 5,000 teachers. As I speak, employment of teachers into this scheme is going on and many have received their letters of employment.

33.  We have ensured that teachers as vital stakeholders in the system are part of our inclusive governance, policy formulations and programme implementations. This is consistent with the fact that they are at vantage position to provide us feedback from the children who are our future. This allows us to appraise and re-plan for a better future for our dear State.

34. Today, it is our joy that the teaching profession has been given a lift in our dear State. Our teachers are professionals; and our Administration has never hesitated to treat them as such. We have resuscitated holding of workshops, seminars and other training programmes for teaching and non-teaching staff of the State public schools, to enhance their efficiency and productivity. We have witnessed significant feedback of the success of our approaches and programmes in the development of our Education Sector through the recent exploits of our young academic laureates. Ogun State contingent won 11 laurels for our dear State in different categories of awards in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH) also won for our dear State the best compliant Institution in Nigeria to the tune of N75 Million from JAMB. I must also mention that I was bestowed with awards as the “Most Education friendly Governor” by ANCOPSS in the South-West and “Best Governor in Educational Sector” by the National Parents Teachers Association. All these give me an assurance that the future is bright. This achievement is a further confirmation of the status of our dear State not only as Education capital of Nigeria, but, in fact, as the intellectual melting-pot in Nigeria.

Youth Empowerment

35. Youth empowerment and job creation are embedded in all our programmes and policies. Some of our projects in infrastructural development, housing, education, and agriculture are deliberately implemented through direct labour to provide job opportunities for our youth under our Economic Sustainability Plan. Third party contractors are mandated to engage our youth in the catchment communities for the execution of the projects.

36. In realization of the vision of our Administration to promote sustainability of the State’s economy, a notable number of our youth have been recruited into the State’s civil Service with large number of people being empowered in different crafts. Our Administration has also embraced sports as a means of empowering the youths, hence the numerous victories accomplished at the just concluded National Sports Festival in Edo State.

37. The Youth stands to benefit more on the launch of Ogun State Digital Infrastructure Programme. We have digitalized the entire education sector for optimal performance; all our schools will soon have free internet access 24-7!


38. Agriculture, the A in the ISEYA acronym, the guiding compass of our Administration, is meant to ensure food security in the short term and produce for supply to other States and export, in the long term. And, produce farm products needed as inputs to drive the industrialization efforts of our Administration.

39.  In addition to the provision of an enabling environment for investors to pitch their tents in the State, we have set a roadmap alongside relevant strategies through Public Private Partnership (PPP) and intervention programmes to expose farmers to linkage with input market as well as off-takers. The success of our Agriculture Pillar can easily be appreciated from the impact we have made in the last two years. I am delighted to highlight some of our key success stories:

35,584 jobs created through linkage of farmers including youth to Agricultural opportunities such as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Anchor Borrowers and other intervention schemes;

Facilitation of a N700 million loan credit from the Central Bank under the Anchor Borrowers programme for 10,000 farmers;

Broiler project from which 9,000 youths benefitted with each beneficiary making an average profit of N180,000 per cycle;

Facilitation of loans, seedling as well as 120,000 hectares of farmland for rice farmers;

Fast-tracking the joint venture with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) value chain projects;

Construction and maintenance of new fishponds/tanks and assisting fish farmers in stocking fingerlings;

Empowerment of 200 beneficiaries of the FADAMA Graduate Unemployed Youths Scheme with over N74 million grants among others;

Location of the African Development Bank (AfDB) proposed Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) in the State to serve majorly as a hub for industrial cassava, poultry, agro-forestry and farming in Ogun State;

Integrated Farm Estate, Garri Packaging Plant and a 200-Trainee Soil-Testing Programme with the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA).

40. We are determined to take full advantage of the vast arable land available to us and use Agriculture to further boost our status as the Industrial capital of the nation and provide employment and wealth creation opportunities for our teeming youth.

Public Service

41.  We recognize the centrality of the Public Service as the engine room of the Government. Towards this end, we will continue to accord the deserved importance to their welfare through prompt payment of salaries, pensions, promotions, training and capacity building. Ogun State is one of the first few States to fully implement the minimum wage and we will continue to pay as and when due, despite the obvious paucity of funds. We are also clearing the backlog of inherited pension liabilities. The ongoing promotion exercise is another demonstration of our commitment to staff welfare. In addition, we are intensifying our efforts to create the conducive work environment, provide tools and training to bring out the creativity and professionalism of our Public Servants.


42. The Right Honourable Speaker; and, other distinguished Honorable Members of the Ogun State House of Assembly, I now proceed to the 2022 Appropriation Bill.

43.  In line with our Administration’s strategic imperatives and implementation road map, the 2022-2024 Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy of the present administration is hinged on five main development pillars, I.S.E.Y.A.

44.  As part of preparation and in our commitment to development, we held 3 Town hall meetings to give voice to our people and shape our priorities. In 2022, we will continue to accord priority attention to:

Completion of existing projects;

Projects with revenue potential;

Projects consistent with priorities articulated in the State Economic Development Strategy;

Projects that can enhance employment generation.

Parameters and Fiscal assumptions Underpinning the 2022 Appropriation

45. Mr. Speaker and other Honourable Members of the Ogun State House of Assembly, the 2022–2024 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper set out the parameters for the 2022 Appropriation Bill.

State Government Revenue Estimates

46. Total State funding is estimated at N350.74 billion in 2022. This includes Ogun State Internal Revenue Service (OGIRS) estimates of N56.30 billion and other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) estimated at N96.87 billion totaling N153.17 billion. Statutory allocation (i.e. FAAC and VAT) is expected to be N73.01 billion while capital receipt is estimated at N124.56 billion (i.e. Internal and External loans including Grants and Aids etc).


47.  The aggregate expenditure of N350.74 billion is proposed for the State Government in 2022.

48.  We have been able to achieve a 51 percent capital expenditure in view of the need to drive our developmental objectives.


Personnel Costs

49. In 2022 the personnel cost estimate took the largest portion (N75B) under recurrent and is allocated to paying salaries and allowances in MDAs.  Public Debt Charges

50. We remain committed to meeting our debt service obligations, specifically to attract capital investment into the State economy. Hence, we have provided N28 billion for this in 2022.

Overhead Costs

51. The total overhead costs of MDAs and Government Owned Enterprises is projected at N 51 billion in 2022.


Physical Capital Expenditure

52.   An aggregate sum of N170 billion is expected to be available for physical capital projects in 2022. This is an increase of N10 billion over the 2021 approval of N160 billion to chart our economic recovery growth through investment in physical projects that will create enabling environment for investment, create employment and trigger redistribution of resources.

53.  Capital expenditure in 2022 remains focused on the completion of as many ongoing projects as possible as well as the commencement of new ones. We have also made efforts to ensure equity in the distribution of projects and programmes in the proposed budget. In the coming weeks of budget defense by each MDA, the State House of Assembly will be provided with the list of some of the most critical projects which we must work collectively to ensure they receive adequate funding. Until projects reach completion, they do not deliver the dividends of democracy that Ogun State citizens rightly deserve.

Stabilization Fund

54.  A total sum of N7.7billion is provided for transfers to the Stabilization Fund to insulate and position the State towards unprecedented activities or economic shocks.


55.   Key physical capital Expenditure in the 2022 Budget includes:

Infrastructure (ICT, Power, Transport, Industrialization) – N82B;

Social Welfare & Well Being (Health, Housing, Environment, Physical Planning, Special Needs) – N86B;

Education (Early Childhood, Vocational, Technical and Tertiary) – N56B;

Youth Empowerment (Religion and Culture, Sports, Entrepreneurship, Creative Arts and Entertainment)   –   N6B;

Agriculture (Forestry, Crops, Plantation and Husbandry)- N15B

Enablers (General Public Service, Public Order and Safety, Stabilization Fund, Judiciary, Legislature, Pension and Gratuity) – N106B.

56. Our key allocations in the 2022 budget in line with functional classification are as follows:



N’ M



















































57.  Mr. Speaker, other Honourable Members of the 9th Ogun State House of Assembly, as I lay before you the 2022 Appropriation Bill today, we must remind ourselves that this event is another symbolic representation of our joint mission towards the realization of the Ogun State of our collective dream. We have done it before. We can do it again. The challenges that lie ahead of us in the coming year dictate that we should all join hands. There are grounds to cover. But even at that, we must also make our people see our commitment and sincerity. WHILE WE SHOULD NOT STAND AND PROMISE THEM THAT WE WILL DO EVERYTHING, WE SHOULD ALSO DO EVERYTHING THAT WE PROMISE. THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF THIS DOCUMENT, AND THAT IS THE CHARACTER OF THIS ADMINISTRATION.

58.  As I thank this honourable House for its continued collaboration and cooperation within the ambits of the Separation of Powers, let me also solicit for the unflinching support and cooperation of this Honourable House to enable us collectively deliver on our promises in the coming year. I have directed all Commissioners, Accounting Officers and Heads of Agencies to be personally available for budget defence.

59.  Let me re-emphasize that the people of Ogun State expect that the 2022 Budget will contain only implementable and critical projects, which when completed, will significantly address current structural challenges of the economy, improve the business environment and accelerate economic recovery.

60. Let me use this opportunity to appreciate all our people for the trust and confidence they repose in our Administration. We appreciate the invaluable support, cooperation, and prayers of all stakeholders. Our gratitude goes to our political class; our revered Royal Fathers, Elder Statesmen, our Religious leaders, Development Partners, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Market Women and Men and indeed our Public Servants. We also thank our critics. As our supporters continue to motivate us, our critics are also challenging us to do more. That is the whole essence of democracy. I thank all of us.

61. Mr. Speaker, distinguished Honourable Members of House of Assembly, it is with a sense of responsibility and service that I present the 2022 Appropriation Bill of the Ogun State for your consideration.

62.   I thank you for listening and God bless.

Igbega Ipinle Ogun, Ajose Gbogbo Wa Ni!

Prince Dapo Abiodun, MFR

Governor of Ogun State, Nigeria.

Tuesday, 30th November, 2021.

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