Ogun Hospital ‘Forced’ Expectant Mothers To Fetch Water Into Labour Room

ABEOKUTA – The Primary Health Centre at OPIC roundabout, Oke-Ilewo in Abeokuta South local government has directed expectant mothers who are due for labour to always come with two gallons of water as part of child labour delivery pack.

This, according to the hospital management was a result of the hospital’s generator which developed fault since last week.

While addressing the expectant mothers during their routine ante natal exercise on Tuesday, a matron in the hospital (name withheld) told the women to inform their husbands or neighbors to ensure they come along with two gallons of water for the hospital usage.

The matron explained that, there is lack of water in the health centre as the generator to pump water is faulty.

She said the hospital had made several appeals to the state Ministry of Health, Hospital Management Board and the local government Chairman about the ugly development, but all to no avail.

“Our expectant mothers, we want to appeal to you that, whenever you’re due for labour and coming to the hospital, ensure you come along with atleast two gallons of water to clean yourself and the baby.

“Help us tell your husbands to bring the kegs of water along with your delivery pack. If your husband is not around, please tell your neighbours to help you with the water.

“There’s no generator again to pump water. Our big generator is faulty and we have informed the authorities but they don’t seem to have our time now. So, please help us to also help you. There’s no water to bathe your baby if you deliver now,” the anonymous Matron stressed.

One of the expectant fathers with a gallon of water at the hospital


When THE ENCOUNTER NEWS visited the hospital, our camera lens exclusively caught a man with load of water on his head to the hospital.

This ugly development is worrisome despite claim by the State Government to have provided adequate infrastructure to all the health centres and state hospitals.

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