I’ll Remain In PDP To Fight For Inclusivity, Says Wike

RIVERS State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has declared that he will not leave the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for whatever reason and anybody.

He said he was rather interested in preserving the sanity of the party and will stay back to fight for the enthronement of unity, inclusivity, equity and peace.

Wike spoke on Thursday during a meeting of PDP stakeholders in the State at the Government House, Port Harcourt.

The governor said he is a man of character, unlike those who cannot keep their words and walked out of the party at the Eagle Square in Abuja in 2014.

Wike said: “One thing I have always told people is if anybody is thinking, doing anything to think that we will leave PDP, foul.

“We will do the fight in the party. We are not like them, when in 2014 they walked out from Eagle Square. They’ve forgot. They walked out and joined APC. Is it not correct?

“Did they remain to fight inside the party? But we remained, they ran away. Now, there is a fight in the party, we will not run. We will fight it at this party.

“Those who run away from fights are weak people. We will not. So everybody should know this is the state where we are, so that nobody tells you all kinds of stories.”

The governor insisted that the constitution of the party clearly states that elective and party offices must be zoned which, should be respected.

He wondered why the former PDP BoT chairman will be pressurized to resign and the PDP national chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, is excusing himself from keeping doing what is right.

Wike said: “You have taken the presidential candidate, you have taken the party chairman, you have also taken the DG (director general) of the campaign. We are talking about party politics.

“Decisions are made by the presidential candidate, chairman of the party and the DG of the campaign.

“They are telling you they told the chairman of the BoT to resign. So you know there is a problem. You said he should go and resign.

“You can put pressure on him to resign when his tenure hasn’t come to an end. But you cannot put pressure on the chairman to resign. You think at our level you will deceive us. You’ll tell us stories?.”

The governor recalled how in 2015, the federal government used the military to invade Rivers State, interfered with and even annulled elections, but was resisted.

He also recalled that he made sure the senatorial results for Rivers East was announced and delivered Senator George Thompson Sekibo and that of Rivers West, which produced Senator Betty Apiafi.

Wike regretted that despite the risk taken to deliver the duo, the same people are now in Abuja plotting against him. He said they won’t succeed because God has blessed him.

The governor also clarified that he never promised anybody a governorship ticket of the PDP despite the pressure some leaders mounted on him or attempts made to divide the State House of Assembly.

He said though he didn’t clinch the PDP presidential ticket, e actually made a good account of himself at the primary.

Wike informed that by next week, the Rivers State PDP governorship campaign team will be unveiled and the campaign pattern adopted will be based on each local government peculiarity.

The governor emphasized that all PDP candidates in the State will be returned elected by Rivers people who are satisfied with the performance of his administration.

He said: “We will take it all. We are taking it all because Rivers people are happy with what we have done in this state. we have not only provided infrastructure, we have also defended the interest of Rivers State.”

Wike explained that it took courage and firmness for him to protect the interest and assets of Rivers State without compromising it with politics.

The governor further explained that besides securing a refund of money illegally deducted by the federal government over the Police Trust Fund, his administration recovered oil wells wrongly ceded to Imo State and is collecting the accruing revenue from the oil wells in disputed area between Rivers and Bayelsa States.

He stated that there the federal government won’t be able to use the army and the police in the 2023 election, because Nigerians will vote for political parties on the basis of their performance.

Wike cautioned party members who want to be moles and work against the PDP because they were not given the ticket that they sought.

He said urged party members to be steadfast because God is on their side, and since they have not known defeat, PDP cannot be defeated in the 2023 general election in Rivers State.

Responding, PDP Chairman in the state, Ambassador Desmond Akawor, said the party in the state has already passed a vote of confidence on governor Wike for the way he has piloted the affairs of the State.

Akawor commended the governor for the consistent delivery of projects, defending the interest of the State, and declared that they will continue to follow the leadership that he provides.

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Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji

Ogunsiji is a finesse Journalist, content developer, investigative journalist, and fact-checker. He is also a trained broadcaster with over a decade in the journalism profession. He is the editor of THE ENCOUNTER NEWS.

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