Triple A: Weathering The Storm @53

Azeez Adelani
It is said that no pain, no gain. In life, there are many battles to be fought and won and heaven only helps those that help themselves. Adekunle Akinlade is a man who has been at the centrepiece of political events in recent months in Ogun State.

To some people, Akinlade is now a prodigal son who betrayed his mentor by forming alliance with the opposition in the state without the blessings of his principal. To others, he is a smart politician who did what was expected of someone in his situation at the appropriate hours, most especially when his principal had given the nod for him and others to form a new alliance wherever they found worthy. Either way, everyone is entitled to their opinion and they would continue to chant the praises and condemnations from their point of views, which may not necessarily be the reality.

To set the records straight, Triple A’s decision to join the Peoples Democratic Party was not for any selfish interest, but to save Ogun from going aground. Akinlade’s movement to the PDP was exodus that even the sitting administration was jittery and running helter-skelter at the formation of an unprecedented political alliance in the state. Triple A has continuously be the talk of the party among residents and political observers in the state and beyond.

As earlier said, Akinlade is only seeking a formidable platform to oust the inept administration and bring succour to Ogun residents, who are tired of the incompetence demonstrated by the current regime.

Having led his followers to a new party, he is surmounting the courage to triumph in the finsh line. The finish line as we all know is always challenging but with devotion and dedication, the daunting task would be accomplished. Time is vital, albeit Triple A not leaving any stone unturned as he believes that; Failure is not an option for him in 2023. He’s fixated in Islamic piety that he would say; Monsha Allah after a promise or setting out a new map.

No doubt, challenges are part of life and a necessary element in proving leadership mettle. If there are no problems or challenges, there is no need for leadership; leadership is galvanising support, mobilising efforts to confront challenges and providing solutions and answers to the followers. It is worthy of note how Akinlade has been weathering the storm.

Surmounting courage and resilience in time of turmoil is daunting as it not only challenges the lustre of a leader, but unveils the hidden about a person. Triple A not only stays calm in the face of crisis, he’s navigating the sea with patience and intellectual wisdom as required.

Triple A marks his 53rd birthday as a leader who hangs his ambition in the interest of his followers and the state in particular for a time when God would ordain and providence would smile on him. He deserves our love and utmost support.

Alao Azeez Adelani
Is the Media Assistant to
Hon. Adekunle AbdulKabir Akinlade

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