Alaafin: 28 Ruling Families Kick Over Alleged Marginalization

IBADAN – No fewer than 28 ruling families from the Agunloye Ruling House have warned that selection of the new Alaafin may drag for long if the none of the families is given the opportunity to ascend the throne again.

They said only one family out of the 29 ruling families in Agunloye Ruling House has been ascending the throne anytime it was the turn of the ruling house.

The Mogaji Agunloye Isale Oja, Oyo town, Pa Isiaka Karimu, in an interview with our correspondent on Saturday, said that the family of Lawani Agogo Ija had produced the Alaafin on the three occasions for Agunloye Ruling House.

He said the remaining 28 families would not allow themselves to be marginalized again.

He said, “Our appeal is to the Oyo Mesi, who are the kingmakers, and to the state government as well, to allow fairness this time around. The 28 families who have been marginalized are also entitled to the throne.

“We won’t allow this opportunity to pass us by again and that is why we are making this passionate appeal to those concerned to be fair this time.

“There are 29 ruling families in Agunloye Ruling House and only one family out of the 29 has monopolized the throne.

“They still want to ascend the throne again this time but we won’t allow that. This can lead to legal war but we don’t want that. We have submitted names of 14 contestants and we ask them to choose out of these names as the next Alaafin. They are all competent and qualified to rule.

“Lawani Ago Ija, Bello Gbadegesin and Alaafin Siyanbola Ladigbolu have ruled from Agunloye Ruling House and the three of them are from the same ruling family. But 28 families have always been sidelined.

“Their children are still contesting now when the 28 remaining ruling families have not had a shot at the throne. What they are telling us is that we are not entitled to the throne but that won’t happen.”

Recall that the Alaafin stool became vacant following the death of Oba Lamidi Adeyemi on April 22 at the age of 83.

Oba Adeyemi was produced by the Alowolodu Ruling House.

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