Consumer Protection: Lagos Preaches Ethical Use Of Artificial Intelligence

LAGOS – The Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA) has advocated the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to safeguard the rights of consumers.
General Manager of LASCOPA Afolabi Solebo made the call at a news conference to mark the 2024 World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD).

According to him, the WCRD is celebrated annually on March 15 to raise awareness of consumer rights, protection, and empowerment.

This year’s theme is ‘Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers.’

He said: “Fair and Responsible AI for consumers reflect the changing landscape of consumer behaviour in the world as it highlights the importance of ensuring the use of artificial intelligence ethically and responsibly for consumers’ benefits.

“It is incumbent upon everyone to champion the cause of fair and responsible AI, by ensuring that its use aligns with the interest of consumers and society as a whole. Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in AI development and deployment is part of the process of realising the dream of fostering an ecosystem that empowers consumers to make informed choices and assert their rights with confidence.

“The World Consumer Rights Day is a day for us all to come and see stakeholders in this business of protecting consumers and promoting consumer rights. And Lagos State will be celebrating this day with a stakeholder engagement on March 15 to bring awareness on why it is important for us to embrace ethical AI.”

Lead Consultant of LASCOPA, Mrs. Aderemi Fagbemi noted that the 2024 World Consumer Day aims to sensitise the public about the use and benefits of IT and Artificial Intelligence in the consumer value chain.

Fagbemi said the event will be a good avenue to interact with consumers to know their concerns about products, goods, and services.

She added: “We aim to bring together stakeholders in the consumer value chain to hear our voices, not only discuss about Artificial Intelligence as it relates to consumer interaction and rights but also we want to have active engagement with our consumers.

“In any business, either retail or service, a consumer who is a recipient is a key stakeholder in the business, without the consumer a business cannot stand.”

For access to stakeholder engagement, the public is enjoined to register through

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