Diaspora Clients Commission Pelican Valley For Construction Residential Building

ABEOKUTA – Two Nigerians in Diaspora, Chief Olawale Olaleye and Mrs Najiyat have mobilized the construction team of Pelican Valley Estate, Kobape, Ogun State to commence immediate building constructions on their respective sites.

The Chief Executive Officer, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, who made this known to the media after an on the spot assessment of developments on the Pelican Brief Estate and the Pelican”s Ecostay Smart apartments which shared an immediate boundary in Kobape, quickly seized the medium to pass a vote of confidence on his new management team.

In his words, the CEO said
“I must congratulate and commend my new site management team for this wonderful work, the sites are extremely clean, developments are apt and rapid and these team never gave me any reasons to visit the site in the last two months as I receive daily video, pictures and account updates on our site management platform, unlike our past handlers, now they are introducing new innovation, whereby we will be using a total station and GPS instruments for foundation setting out, unlike the manual ones used by our past handlers.”

While publicly displaying the government approvals of the two proposed developments, the CEO further urged all potential developers in the estate not to patronize quacks who will use forged and fake documents to seek building approvals for them, nothing that their projects might be at the receiving end.

Dr. Adeyemo further appealed to his clients to make use of qualified and verifiable COREL certified engineers for their projects to avert inevitable hazards and financial losses that will occur when unprofessionals are being patronised.

Dr. Adeyemo, however, congratulated the two clients, assured them of the company’s unrelenting adherence to proffessionalims, standard and accountability, during and beyond the projects.

Speaking on the Pelican’s Ecostay Apartments projects, the Pelican Valley CEO said the company is expecting to commission the first sets of the fully subscribed apartments to mark the Company’s establishment anniversary, come September 11, 2023.

“In this layout, we are going to have a gas station and there is a provision for recreation centres.

“Also , there is a provision for a purposely-built lounge, a restaurant and club.

“The buildings to be constructed here will also be used as let-out apartments for tourists and visitors too, so that our landlords can also get rental incomes.

“We have also completed arrangements with our web developer to develop an application to enable us to track and pick up our tourists from any part of Nigeria they are coming from.

“On this estate, we are going to use special materials that will be environmental and ecosystem friendly. For example, our concrete blocks are specially made to ensure the best houses are delivered.

“We are already connected to the national grid and already have a four fully armed security guards at the moment, ongoing moulding of interlocking stones for our roads and proposed CCTV surveillance cameras.

“We will construct and sell duplexes, three-bedrooms, two-bedrooms and studio apartments.” the CEO said.

He added further that, the clients have mobilized them and they are to deliver the two projects within two weeks without delay.

He said” Our clients who are not based in Nigeria have mobilized us to start work on their sites. Mr Olaleye and Mrs. We are expected to deliver the two projects within two weeks.

“The construction, we are yet to start is duly approved by Ogun State Government and you can see the documents with me, it is an authentic not forged document. We don’t do illegal documents, we have been mobilized and we are about to swing into action, we are already stockpiling materials we are using for the construction of the two clients which are going to do simultaneously, we know that by the grace of God, the construction will come to reality”.

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