Fake Certificate: Nigerian Lecturers In Benin Urge FG To Punish Culprits

LECTURERS belonging to the Nigerian Lecturers in Benin Republic (NLB) association have called on the federal government to take decisive action against anyone implicated once the investigation is completed over certificate racketeering.

This plea comes in the wake of the suspension of the evaluation and accreditation process for degree certificates from Benin and Togo Republics by the federal government.

The suspension was prompted by an undercover reporter, Umar Audu, who exposed a university that granted him a degree within six weeks.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, January 12, in Lagos, the president of the association, Gabriel Kona and other members urged the government to expedite action on investigation and severely punish culprits.

The group appealed to the government to consider that there are students who are undergoing legitimate studies in Benin Republic, adding that the students should not be discouraged.

Kona reiterated the commitment of the association to support the federal government in its bid to sanitize the nation’s education system.

He said the government had the right to suspend accreditation once it discovers a lowering of standards. He praised the government for having the interest of Nigerian students at heart.

He said: “We want to assure Nigerians that the Federal Government took the right step in order not to undermine efforts of other students and varsities but to ensure credibility in the certification process. We want to encourage our students studying Benin and Togo to remain calm, the government wants to ensure credibility. They should not be deterred.

“We are in talks with stakeholders to ensure quality education in Nigeria. We will continue to strive to give the best to Nigerian students in Benin.”

Kona said most of them studied in Nigeria and went through a rigorous process to acquire degrees, noting that they are not in support of universities awarding fake certificates.

Other members of the association refuted claims that a certificate could be obtained within a short time, adding that there is ‘no half-baked process in Benin, students complete all sessions depending on the course of study’.

They said: “Admission process into Benin schools is rigorous aptitude test is done and those who meet the cut-off mark are admitted. The fact that it is found in one institution, should not mean others are involved. Parents should also be calm and wait for the outcome of the investigation.

Our association is open to suggestions and ready to cooperate with agencies in Benin and Nigeria to put education right. Education has to be of the right source and quality.”

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