Finding Job Made Easy, As Fastrecruita Launches Hiring Platform For Jobseekers, Employers

LAGOS – In an effort to reduce employers and job seekers stress in finding a job, a fast rising recruitment company, Fastrecruita has launched new features that makes hiring process simple.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fastrecruita, Simon Elisha said the recruiting platform has introduced some important features which are not currently offered by other recruiting software in Africa.

Elisha noted that the platform is bringing features that can make it compete favourably with global competitors.

He explained that apart from the basic features available in most recruiting platforms, Fastrecruita is equipped with advanced technologies that help in streamlining the hiring process in a more efficient and effective manner. Some of the cutting edge features the platform is equipped with are a robust Video Interview module which aids virtual interviewing of candidates, a world-class Applicant Tracking System, Resume Parser, Candidate Relationship Management module, robust Analytics, Test Builder, Career Page, external Recruiter Portal and Vendor Portal for automated background and reference checks among others.

He said, “Fastrecruita is a recruitment platform and applicants tracking system that helps recruiters and employers to streamline their recruitment processes in a more efficient manner. It makes recruitment very easy and very simple, and in less time, you will be able to get your recruitment done following very simple processes.

“We studied a lot of recruitment platform across the world. We felt that Africa can’t be a second class continent and because of that we make sure that we are able to introduce the kind of features that top global recruitment platforms have that is competitive and can stand the test of recruitment platforms across the world.

“We have very important features which are not currently delivered by other recruitment platforms in Africa.

“We have a video interview platform; the platform helps in conducting live and on-demand/recorded interviews.

“We as much as possible want to make recruitment very easy; using fastrecruita, you will never make use of pen and paper. Everything is done right on the platform.

“You can do interview comparison on the platform. We have the applicant tracking system where you manage your recruitment process. You are able to create offer letters and make hiring decisions.

“We also have automated background check system and and have partnered with one of the best assessment companies in the world (ExpertRating Inc.) to deliver different types of pre-employment and psychometric tests right on the Fastrecruita platform. Companies can create their own career pages with their branding colours and images and highlight their value proposition to job applicants.

“We have a lot of cutting edge recruitment features on the platform. We believe in a systematic process of recruitment. We believe every recruitment should be very easy and simple. Some of those features are never in any of these recruitment platforms in Nigeria. Video interview is foreign to us here, we are bringing something new and making recruitment easy.”

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