Ibadan Radio Station Ambush: Action Criminal, Breach Of Public Peace, Akintoye Disowns Perpetrators

IBADAN – The leader of the umbrella body of Yoruba Nation Self Determination Struggle, Emeritus Prof Banji Akintoye, has condemned in the strongest terms the invasion of a Radio Station in Ibadan, an arm of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Amuludun by a group claiming to be fighting for the liberation of Yoruba people.

In a statement made available by his Assistant Director of Programmes, Olatunde Amusat, Prof Akintoye refers to the action by the said group as lawless and profoundly criminal.

According to Akintoye “The attention of the Yoruba Self Determination Movement has been drawn to the activities of a group led by a woman that has claimed to be running a totally different agenda for Yoruba emancipation and that has been engaging again and again in criminal activity. The group has been warned repeatedly, but has refused to change”

Akintoye, a Senator in Second Republic asserted that ” the Yoruba Self Determination led by me runs a struggle that is totally peaceful and law abiding “.

He continues, “we have even written a thirty four page manual to guide our followers and all Yoruba people about peaceful and law abiding self determination struggle.

“We have written to the out going President of Nigeria and to the Secretary General of the United Nations about our legitimate demand for self-determination for our Yoruba nation. We have emphasized in everyone of those letter that our struggle is peaceful and law abiding.

” We have no relationship whatsoever with the group that has repeatedly engaged in crime and
we have no hands in their criminal conduct “.

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