KAKISTOCRACY: The Cause Of Underdevelopment In Nigeria, Africa – Dr. Gbenga Adeoye

The bible says when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. (Prov 29 : 2)

It is so simple and that is because the righteous will do what is right.

What amazes me most about leadership in Africa is that too many people in position of leadership falls below acceptable standard and in Law we say nemo dat quad non habet (You cannot give what you don’t have).

If you do a list of best brains, highly intelligent people, upright men and women; you find out that they are very few in government and that MUST CHANGE if we are serious about the development of African Continent. In fact around many leaders, all you see are sycophants.

I’m not surprised because birds of the same feathers flock together.

Such people speak the same way, reason the same way, steal the same way and in fact dress the same way.

We must end Kakistocracy to develop Africa and Nigeria. If we get it right in Nigeria; then Africa will rise again.

I know a lot will ask me; which one is Kakistocracy, it simply means;

“Government by the worst persons or a form of government in which the worst persons are in power”

The level of stealing every month in Africa can be regarded as greed turned to insanity. Those who do such are the worst in the society.

They are abnormal.

Allocations to many states are not used to do infrastructure; they just change it to dollar and keep and that is why Naira has developed stroke against the dollar. Falling is even better but right now, it is stroke. We need experts to change this but if we don’t stop corruption; Naira will remain on the floor.

People who have no clue as to how to transform their states or country but rather, are focused on how to transform their pocket and bank account are too many in politics and political leadership.

It seems most of them do not even know that life is temporary and as people grow older, they can’t even eat three times daily, what then is the essence of gathering and stealing wealth that you cannot finish in 200 years? Foolishness but I call it insanity.

To change the situation in Nigeria and Africa we must ensure the following people are in leadership:

1 . Well-educated men and women with second address of legitimate business and not people who want to use politics to become wealthy.

Like Harry Tuman said and I agree.

“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook”

2. Men and women who respect the rule of law.

3. Men and women who are proactive in ensuring evil does not happen before they start running around.

4. Men and women who understand that Nigeria and Nigerians and of course Africa and Africans have no reason to be poor.

5. Men and women who will ensure there are no potholes on our roads.

6. Men and women who will ensure that our schools are of international standards.

7. Men and women who will ensure we have health care available to all citizens.

8. Men and women who will not do anything against the country or state for selfish reason.

For example, security issues will be undermined for political gains by people that are not patriotic.

9. Men and women who will ensure that businesses are protected from evil servants whose aim is to disturb business in the name of performing regulatory functions.

Such politicians can only do that if they themselves are not corrupt as politicians anyway.

10. Men and women who will not use tax to kill businesses but rather give grants and rebates to help businesses to grow so as to create jobs for the unemployed youths.

11. Men and women who listen to the citizens and act on their request.

12. Men and women that will vow to uphold the honour and Glory of our land, not those who will sell us out.

13. Finally, men and women who fear God and will not pursue the acquisition of unexplainable wealth.

If we have these thirteen qualities in those leading us, Nigeria and Africa will be great.

It is time to end Kakistocracy and let us flush out those that are incompetent at local, state and Federal Levels.

If we do so, Nigeria and Africa will rise again.

So I am calling on all our best brains; if you have made a vow to God to be upright and lead right, if you have made up your mind never to be corrupt, if you have a second address, and you are not coming to steal; warm up and rise to become a leader in Nigeria and Africa but if you fail to rise up, KAKISTOCRACY will continue unchecked and those that have become wealthy from politics will remain in leadership RISE UP NOW.

If not kakistocracy, how do you explain the deliberations of Uganda’s Parliaments and leaders about the length of condum as a major matter in the country where critical issues are not addressed? May God rescue Africa.

Dr. Gbenga Adeoye is a Lawyer and Chartered Accountant.

He is an alumnus of University of London where he obtained an LLM in International Business Law.

He is an Arbitrator of UK and Nigeria, and he holds a Ph.D in Management Accounting.

He is also a Tax, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Expert.

He can be reached by e-mail on dga@gbengaadeoye.com

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