Lagos Govt Seeks Uniform Traffic Regulations Nationwide

LAGOS State Government has called for synergy among States of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on the need to create a strong and uniform regulatory framework for road traffic regulations in the country.

Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, Abdulhafiz Toriola, made the call while presenting a paper at the Transport Managers Conference organized by the Chartered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria (CIOTA) with the theme: “National Road Traffic Regulations”, held in Abuja at the weekend.

Toriola emphasized the need to consistently promote policies that enhance traffic regulatory uniformity and voluntary compliance with traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria.

He encouraged all 36 States to adopt a uniform documentation process and traffic regulation guidelines, saying “Doing so would ensure unified traffic education, compliance without double taxation and unwarranted traffic violations.”

The Permanent Secretary highlighted the efforts of the Lagos State Government in enacting laws, operational guidelines, and interventions to shape traffic management and road safety in the State, in accordance with the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution.

Toriola also highlighted several measures employed by the State Government to control its transportation sector.

He said, “these measures include the Non-Motorized Transport Policy, Lagos State Transport Policy, Transport Union White Paper, Lagos State e-Hailing Taxi Business Regulation, Operational Guideline on the Ban of Motorcycle Operations in 10 LGAs, 15 LCDAs, Highways, and Bridges in the State, Tow Trucks Operational Guidelines, Lagos State Courier and Dispatch Regulation, and Operational Guideline for Vehicle Registration and Commercial Operations, among other initiatives.

“The traffic violations have adverse effects on the global environment and socio-economic growth, advocating for the enactment of a uniform Traffic Law, strictly enforced with a strong political will to ensure sanity and safety on the roads,” Toriola added.

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