NATCOM Cautions Nigerians Against Official Engagement With Former DG, Baba Mohammed

ABUJA – The National Commission for the Coordination and Control of the Proliferation of Small Arms, Ammunition, Light Weapons, Chemical Weapons, and Pipeline Vandalism (NATCOM) has again issued a stern warning to the Nigerian public, cautioning against any transactions or official engagements with former acting Director General of the commission Dr Baba Mohammed.

The Acting General Manager of NATCOM, Otunba Adejare Adegbenro, issued this warning in Abuja in the wake of vote of no confidence passed on the former DG Dr Baba Mohammed on June 3rd, 2023 by the council of state director’s commandant of Natcom.

The press release issued at the time highlighted various reasons and justifications for the decision, including emotional instability, abuse of office, lack of accountability and transparency, and non-compliance with the principles of federal character, among others.

“We feel compelled to issue this warning to the public, as we cannot be held responsible for any potential damages. There is only one legitimate NATCOM, and that is the one I am currently heading in an interim capacity” Adegbenro said.

“Our commission is unified in focus and so shall it be.This is how to take the commission to the next level; cooperation, commitment and competence. We want to assure the general public of the legitimacy of our commission and readiness to serve within the confines of our mandate” He added.

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