Netizens Call Out Governor Adeleke For Appointing Daughter As Commissioner

OSOGBO – Nigerians have reacted after Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State appointed his daughter and family members as Commissioners.

This comes after the Osun State House of Assembly on Friday, July 7, confirmed the list of 25 commissioner-nominees forwarded to the House for screening and confirmation by Governor Ademola Adeleke.

Announcing the names during the plenary session, Adewale Egbedun, the Assembly Speaker, confirmed the development through a letter he received from Governor Adeleke.

From the list, Governor Adeleke appointed his biological daughter as a Commissioner in Osun State and a family member, Adenike Adeleke and Moruf Adeleke.

The news has since caused a stir online as many pointed out the hypocrisy.

See reactions below:

One Official Coolrex wrote, “Obidafts will say it doesn’t mean anything but if it weren’t their favorite, you will see them crying and wailing everywhere like mad people

One Robert David wrote, “The double standards in Nigeria are shocking. Some people are shouting it’s good bla bla bla, but if it was Seyi Tinubu appointed by his father, we all know it will be a different story

One Adenike Leg wrote, “Why not? If she is capable why then not? Does a whole lot of governors not appoint their brain-dead girl/woman friends into offices in their government?! Why not appoint a child u r sure is able??

One Tired Lagosian wrote, “She’s very educated and at least a lot more level-headed than the clout-seeking ones

One Korede Lagos wrote, “I know she may be qualified for the job, but the thing isn’t just good for optics. It’s now left for her to perform in such a way that the Osun people would not be bothered about her appointment

One Dw wrote, ” They all complain about Tinubu and I say it over and over again. Tinubu is just the best at what they all want to be hence the hatred. All of them na same Your messiah inclusive

One Tee Degash wrote, “Just imagine the nepotism, that’s why I am proud of supporting Tinubu. People that are overhyped are usually not at the end. Playing a whole state like is family business

One Package Djteejuiz wrote, “So most of you support this but we’re crying Tinubu’s daughter added “Iyaloja general” to her social media bio?

One One for Aries wrote, “Hypocrites will nothing wrong but just let the other side appoint their own children now they will come out baring fangs like Venom if the Marvel fame”.

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