Ogun: 269 Minors, Teenagers Defiled In One Year – Investigation

….It is psychotic disorder – Medical expert

ABEOKUTA – Children under the ages of day one to 16years have been reportedly defiled between January and December, 2023, THE ENCOUNTER NEWS reliably gathered.

According to data released by the Directorate of Women Affairs in the Ogun State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, 52 out of the total number of victims are between the ages of 0 to 8years.

The Director of Women Empowerment in the ministry, Mrs. Kazzim Wonuola explained that some of the victims are 41-day-old babies who are molested by men in their 50s and 60s respectively.

Mrs. Kazzim in a telephone interview with THE ENCOUNTER NEWS disclosed that, 16 among the arrested suspects have been prosecuted for alleged molestation and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

She noted that, lack of forensic evidence to prove many of the rape cases in court posed a greater challenge for many of the victims to get justice in court.

According to her, this development discouraged many of the victims to speak out.
She, however, said the Ogun state government has embarked on awareness and sensitization campaign in public schools and markets to encourage parents, guardians and the victims to always report the cases of rape and defilement of minors to the government.

She called on the state government to establish a special court to fast-track prosecution of sex offenders and justice for the victims.

“In the year under review, we have reported cases of 269 sexual molestation of minors in Ogun state and we have successfully prosecuted 16 offenders who have been sentences to 7years imprisonment.

“Ordinarily, the likely punishment for these offenders should be life jail term or 14 years, but because most of these cases lacked forensic evidence, it is always a technical knockout at the court.

“But we are appealing to the government to set up a designated court for rape to allow the trial to be fast tracked, because of the victims are babies of 41 day old. But we are yet to figure out the motive behind this dastardly act. Only God knows.

Reacting, a medical expert at the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Dr. Rotimi Akintunde blamed the menace on the historical psychotic illness from the molesters.

Dr. Akintunde argued that it was psychiatric disorder for an adult to molest a minor or teenager, saying no one in their saner mind would have sexual arousal for a minor.

He said, “It is psychiatric order. They must be having pedophilia, it is child abuse and must be severely dealt with. No matter how much we condemn or prosecute them what they have done, we need to also rehabilitate them. It is not enough to get them arrested and charged them to court; we need to refer them to psychiatric homes for proper rehabilitation. They are social deviant”.

Asked to speak if such action is spiritually indoctrinated, Dr. Akintunde maintained that, he could not establish that as a medical practitioner and African man, insisting that perpetrators of such menace usually have psychotic history which has remained undetected.

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