There Won’t Be Nigeria In 2027 If You Don’t Fix Growing Hardship, CSOs Tell Tinubu

…..Carpet President On Negative Comments About Mass Protest

LAGOS – The United Action Front of the Civil Society, a coalition of Citizens Groups and eminent civil society leaders has asked President Bola Tinubu to urgently fix hardship in the country, otherwise there won’t be Nigeria in 2027.

According to the group, Tinubu should tackle the unbearable hunger and hardship being experienced by Nigerians or perish the thought that there will be a 2027 for him to engage Nigerians or seek their votes again.

In a press statement on Thursday signed by Mallam Hamisu San Turaki, Spokesperson, United Action Front of the Civil Society,

National Secretariat, the group carpeted the jab by President Tinubu on Thursday in Lagos, while commissioning the red line, where the President noted that if Labour is interested in the electoral process they should meet him in 2027 and that Labour is not the only voice of the people.

“For us, this statement by Tinubu is not only delusional but malicious against the pro people Labour Movement operating in the open society of Nigeria,” The group stated.

“Our well-considered position on this matter is that the way things are today in the country, if nothing drastic is done to stem the tide, the masses of the Nigerian people will have no choice but be forced to storm and occupy the Aso Presidential Villa and all other Government Houses in Nigeria within the next few weeks, especially if the hunger and hardship in the country is allowed to persist and fester to the extent there may not be that 2027, which Tinubu and his co travellers savour so much and hope for.

“Therefore, we wish to advise the Tinubu Government that rather than chastise Labour for providing an organized and peaceful voice to the pervasive anger and disenchantment in the land, they should have been commended and encouraged because alternative voices if allowed vent could be have more ruthless and disruptive, just as history has proven to mankind that those who “make peaceful change impossible in history make violent change inevitable”

“To this end, as responsible leaders of the organised Civil Society of Nigeria, who participated fully in the national mass protest championed by Labour, we wish to caution Tinubu strongly not to see organised bodies of the open society of Nigeria like the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) as enemies of government or politically motivated to challenge the negative economic policies of his administration but as sincere partners in progress different from sycophants and jobbers around corridors of power,” the statement added.

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