Tragedy As Suspected Rats’ Hunters, Burnt Eighty Year-Old Woman In Benue

MAKURDI – Tragedy struck as suspected Youths hunting for rats set ablaze the surrounding bush resulting in the burning of fifty thatched houses where an eighty-year-old woman reportedly burnt beyond recognition.

Checks leaned that the incident occurred on Sunday by 10 am when inhabitants in the affected community known as Gyaruwa Tsambee Council ward of Gwer West of Benue State.

Speaking on the development, the village head of the Community, Chief Ayatse Agunor, disclosed that the incident took place when inhabitants were away attending church service when the episode struck.

The village Chief lamented that the destruction was very alarming, saying something must be done to mitigate future occurrences.

According to him, an appropriate sanction particularly law would be enacted to forestall and prohibit bush burning in the areas.

An affected victim Mrs Mlumun expressed shock at the spate of damage pointing out where they slept with their children, emphasizing that all properties were lost in the inferno including undisclosed money.

When Contacted Caretaker committee chairman, Hon Henry Agba, disclosed the destruction was unprecedented, Confirming the death of an aged woman.

“When I was told of the inferno involving death and massive properties burnt down quickly rushed to the scene on sighting the incident, he was shocked beyond words.

“However, efforts must be intensified to ensure bush burning or rats hawking is completely discouraged in his council to avoid future reoccurrence.”

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