UK To Offer 43,000 Visas To Seasonal Workers

LAGOS – The United Kingdom government is planning to offer 43,000 seasonal worker visas to the agricultural sector and prolong the visa program for an additional five years, extending it until 2029.

This decision was taken following the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s announcement about the largest-ever round of farming grants at the NFU Conference earlier this year – with a total of £427 million on offer to farmers, doubling the investment in productivity schemes.

In a bid to address shortages in the food supply chain by investing in technology to lessen the reliance on migrant labour, UK is targeting the horticulture sector and an additional 2,000 to the poultry sector in 2025.

UK has extended the seasonal worker visa route for an additional five years until 2029 to allow ample time to plan, adapt and also provide stability and clear guidance for farmers and businesses.

Environment Secretary Steve Barclay said, “We have a world-class food and drink sector, and the measures announced today will strengthen this by boosting funding for the cutting-edge technology that will reduce reliance on migrant labour in the long term.

“Businesses do best when they can plan effectively for the future, which is why we’ve extended the seasonal worker visa route until 2029 to give farmers and growers the certainty they need to thrive.”

It was gathered that individuals can apply for the Seasonal Work Visa (formerly Temporary work visa) to work in the UK horticulture sector for up to six months, working on tasks such as picking fruits, vegetables or flowers and in poultry, taking effect from October 2 to December 31 each year.

For those applying for poultry work, applications must be submitted by November 15 annually, while those for horticulture can be made any time.

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