Wife Divorces Husband For Lack Of Sex, Gay Allegation

LAGOS – A woman named Oluwadamilola Ayeoribe has divorced her husband, Abiodun Salako over lack of sex and allegation of being gay.

The estranged couple who lived in Scotland in the United Kingdom got married on 14th October 2021 at the Ikoyi Registry in Lagos after which the wife was admitted at the University of West of Scotland in the United Kingdom in January 2023.

The wife, who issued the papers to Abiodun according to family sources filed for divorce due to low sexual intimacy while she later called the UK Home Office that Abiodun was no longer under her sponsorship.

The source revealed that trouble started when Oluwadamilola began to notice that Abiodun had strange attractions for men, adding that her husband did not deny the affection after several confrontations.

Meanwhile, Abiodun, who confirmed their separation during a phone interview with THE ENCOUNTER NEWS explained that he was forced to marry her, so as to keep his gay status secret and to pretend to those already castigating him of being gay.

He further stated that the move is also to ensure that he is not breaking the anti-gay law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while still in Nigeria.

Asked if he is willing to change his sexual status or return to Nigeria, Abiodun insisted that he cannot change from being who he is, adding that he also cannot withstand humiliation and possible prosecution by the Nigerian government if he returns to Nigeria since there are news publications about him being gay.

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