I’m Not Perturbed By Campaign Of Calumny Against Me – Senator Adamu Mocks Critics

KADUNA – The Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Senator Lawal Usman Adamu has described as petty, myopic and laughable moves by his political opponents to smear his rising political profile.

Senator Adamu otherwise known as Senator LA while reacting to a write-up by Kaduna State Concerned PDP Youth titled: “Senator LA Executing Akpabio’s Dirty Job In Kaduna North” said the mastermind and authors of the ‘misleading’ write up are dazed and afflicted with with goose pimples with his resounding performance.

Senator Adamu explained that, his distractors in an attempt to execute their deviant plan, set up a kangaroo disciplinary committee and unilaterally suspended his supporters on trumped up charges without a recourse to the party’s constitution.

He stressed that, bringing Senator Akpabio, the Senate President into Kaduna State political issue affecting PDP, is laughable.

He added that, the spurious allegation by the group of detractors that he bribed the Damagun-led National Working Committee (NWC) with a contrived amount of money was maleficence.

Senator Adamu in a press statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media, Olatunji O.A said, “The masterminds and authors of this misleading message were the same sponsors of an aspirant against Senator LA, who the Distinguished lawmaker roundly defeated at the PDP primaries before going ahead to record a landslide victory at the 2023 general elections. His emergence has left them dazed and afflicted with goose pimples, and in the execution of their deviant plan, they set up a kangaroo disciplinary committee and unilaterally suspended and even expelled the Distinguished Senator’s supporters on trumped-up charges devoid of compliance with the constitutionally outlined processes and procedures.

“They compiled a list of those they considered a threat to their political survival and domiciled same with the state chapter of the party , hoping to use it against the Distinguished Senator LA’s supporters during the forthcoming congresses. One of their targets is Hussaini Garkuwa, who is not even aware he had been disciplined, but a letter announcing his bogus expulsion was circulated on social media as a proof of the success of their clandestine and nefarious activities. This has been the order in which they operated and relied on being the disciplinary measures they claim to conjure.

“As a Senator who works under the President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, who is the presiding officer of the Senate, Distinguished Senator LA is duty-bound to execute the tasks assigned to him and to report back to him as appropriate. Senator Akpabio is a first among equals, and bringing him into Kaduna State political issue affecting the PDP is, to say the least, petty, myopic and even laughable.

“The spurious allegation by the group that the Distinguished Senator LA bribed the Damagun-led National Working Committee with a contrived amount of money is a maleficence at its best, intended to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it, and without a doubt, this is an exercise in futility.

“Finally, the Baba Kasim matter is procedurally defective, as he ought to have been confirmed by the NWC and he hasn’t. We are aware of all the shenanigans and subterranean moves aimed at undermining and subverting the efforts of the Distinguished Senator LA with the active connivance of some disgruntled elements within the party. Surely, at the appropriate time, we shall respond accordingly.”

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