Save Nigeria From Imminent Collapse, Retired Varsity Dons Write Tinubu, Proffer Solutions To Hardship

WORRIED by the current hardship in the country, some retired professors have written to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, stating solutions to the situation.

The emeriti, Prof. Afolabi Soyode, University of Ibadan, Rtd, Prof. Jonathan Fabunmi, Obafemi Awolowo University, and Prof. Isaac Agbede University of Lagos, noted that the situations demand drastic measures.

The erudite scholars faulted Tinubu’s for voting billions of naira to renovate his houses and that of his Vice, Mr Kashim Shettima, saying that such move is annoying.

Lamenting the rapid decline of the Naira, the professor told the President that the situation clearly poses the country as though there is no president in the nation.

While ordering solutions to the situations, they told the president that fighting insecurity must begin with taking a decisive measure in dealing with the issue of kidnappings “Otherwise no incentives to Agriculture will result in meaningful output increase.”

The Professors equally noted that there is an urgent need for the President to enhance the Income of workers and pensioners, insisting that Tinubu should, as a matter of urgency, accelerate the decision on minimum wage and the general salary review.

The trio also appealed to Tinubu to redirect the obscene materialism pervading the cadres of political elites in Nigeria, even as they want Mr President to ban the importation of sunstand products into the country.

The letter reads “What we now have (on our roads) is Jexus – Junk Export from the US (to Nigeria) Exports of over-used, over-depreciated Lexus cars. It is not just the Toyota Junks. Honda, Nissan, Mercedes junks come to Nigeria, draining scarce foreign reserves.

“Many struggling people including youths, hardly employed, now satisfy their craze in Materialism and ostentation by spending hard-earned Nigerian forex on these. Through tax it should be appropriately discontinued.

“Nigeria should be moving towards using cars and vehicles made in Nigeria. A shame that Nigerian Senators opted for costly bogus imported Land Cruisers. These and other vehicles of the same variety should be disallowed.

” A large variety of products, Medicine, (Anti-biotics, Anti-malaria, drugs for chronic ailments) batteries, lamps, all come in substandard, resulting in little or no efficacy. Is there no Standard Organisation of Nigeria(SON) again? With all these substandard and fake products in almost every product category?

“This is a regulatory government organization, hardly effective. This and such other regulatory agencies should be focused, sanctioned as required.

“Medical Tourism is another irrational use of forex. Can the President not make an emergency case for a 5-star Specialist Hospital that can satisfy the political elites and other Nigerians. To be built, in each of the 6 zones, staffed, equipped, all within 18-24 months?

“Your recent 2 weeks private stay in France, we hope, had nothing to do with healthcare over there. For whatever reason, such visits, private or public, should be curtailed for now, Mr. President, and for all executive and legislative officials at all levels.

“The decay (physical, human, behavioral) in the higher education system needs to be addressed (quickly). First with the salary review. The academic staff have been on the same salary since 2009. A major review of salary and allowances should be done, most urgently, in line with the model we suggested earlier.

“The Nigerian University system is dying; please revive it because if it dies, the source of nourishment of the secondary and primary education is gone. No nation flourishes or even survives without good education.

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