2027: I Have Every Right To Contest Anywhere In Ogun – Adebutu

ABEOKUTA – The PDP governorship candidate in the last general elections in Ogun State, Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu has disclosed that, he is eminently qualified to contest from any part of Ogun State.

Adebutu stated this on Thursday at the 92years remembrance ceremony for his late great grandfather, Pa Alimi Adebutu who died in 1932 at Ijeun Akoni in Odeda local government area of Ogun State.

Hon. Adebutu who went memory lane, explained that his late Paternal Great Grand Father gave birth to his Grand Father, late Kareem Owoiya who equally gave birth to his father, Sir Kessington Adebukola Adebutu.

He noted that, the good deeds of his late great grandfather has outlived him which endeared the community to remember him 92years after.

Asked if his Egba ancestral lineage was to prepare for his political journey in 2027, Adebutu maintained that, since discovering his ancestral lineage 10years ago, he never claimed to be an Egba man.

He stressed that, as a proper born Ogun indigene, he has every right to lay claim to any part of the state.

“This lineage has been there for ages, I have never claimed to be an Ẹgba man, but the truth is that, I am an Ogun person, I have the right to everywhere in Ogun state. Adebutu is Ogun state, my heritage has touched everywhere in Ogun state.

“My grand father, Pa Kareem Owoiya, the father of Sir Kessington Adebutu was born at Ijeun Akoni, so by birth, he is an Egba man and by extension, I am also an Egba man.

“Ladi is not just arriving today. In every major higher institution in Ogun state my heritage has impacted positively. My establishment that gives me my wealth is domicile in Ogun state. I am an Ogun indigene proper.”

Speaking on why he lost the 2023 governorship election, Hon. Adebutu noted that his simplicity and gentleman style of politics cost him Electoral victory.

He said one of the reasons he lost 99 polling units in the last election was because he refused to engage his political opponents with violence.

“I believe in life after death. That’s why in the kind of politics I do, you will never see violence, you will never see desperation. One reason why 99 polling units in the last election were destroyed was because I refused that my people should repay violence with violence.

“I cannot be part of the process that destroys humanity. I believe life continues after death. That’s why I’m always careful.”

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