Ogun: FMC Doctors Perform Oesophagoscopy, Remove Toothbrush From 65-Year-Old Man’s Throat

ABEOKUTA – A combined team of medical experts at the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta on Saturday, saved a 65-year-old man who accidentally swallowed a tooth brush.

The 65-year-old retired civil servant, who is currently recuperating in the Centre was said to have presented to the Accident and Emergency department over the weekend with 2- hour history of tooth brush in the throat.

According to a statement by Head of Public Relations, Segun Orisajo, the patient accidentally swallowed the tooth brush while brushing his throat rigorously.

Orisajo said swallowing subsequently became difficult and painful for the sexagenarian with associated drooling of saliva.

The patient, it was further learnt had been having intermittent hiccups for the past three years.

Orisajo explained further that, the patient believes that these hiccups arise as a result of an object lodged in his throat, hence, his decision to vigorously and aggressively brush his mouth and throat to get rid of the non-existent offending object.

The FMC PRO said X-ray soft tissue neck of the patient later confirmed impacted toothbrush in the upper digestive tract (cervical oesophagus).

The tooth brush was eventually removed through emergency rigid oesophagoscopy.

Speaking on the issue, Head of ENT, Dr. N.O Iyanda descibed the incident as “very rare in an adult except in patients with psychiatric condition or those with suicide or parasuicide tendency.”

Dr. Iyanda said the 65year-old patient, however, has none of these.

“We are therefore keeping the patient for thorough evaluation by a Psychiatrist to rule out subtle mental and/behavioural abnormalities. We also want a neurologist to review to rule out neuromuscular problems.” Dr Iyanda added.

He commended the Medical Director, Prof. Adewale Musa-Olomu for equipping the department with latest tools which greatly assisted in the success of the procedure.

Reacting, the Medical Director, Prof. Musa-Olomu who applauded the success of the procedure reiterated his determination towards holistic transformation of the Centre.

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