Some Nigerian Youths Not Ripe For Leadership Position – Pelican CEO

ABEOKUTA – Pelican Valley CEO, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, has expressed concern over what he described as Nigerian youths’ crave for quick answers to life goals instead of first seeking time tested wisdom, experience, good manners and integrity that bring enduring success, warning that such misdirected pursuits lead to destruction.

Dr. Adeyemo also expressed dismay at the uncouth attitude of Nigerian youths towards the nation’s leaders, saying some of them who talked arrogantly to elders and leaders, including President, will end up being like the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy.

The foremost realtor noted that the exuberant 44 – year old Zelensky, a former comedian and actor, who is now the 6th President of Ukraine had almost ruined all that his country had built over the years because due to lack of wisdom and experience, he took the path of war with veteran Vladimir Putin of Russia instead of adopting a diplomatic solution to their differences.

Adeyemo (Left) receiving his award from the PYAN President

The ‘Poster Boy of Real Estate’ in the Gateway State spoke on Monday shortly after he was presented with an award of ‘Icon of Humanity of The Year 2022.’

The award which bestowed on Dr. Adeyemo by Patriotic Youth Ambassadors of Nigeria (PYAN), was presented to him in his corporate office in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital by PYAN executives – Amb. Omobolaji Sanni (National President), Olaleye Abiodun (Secretary), Sadiq Hameed (Director of Organisation), Popoola Ibrahim (Social Secretary) and Ibrahim Adunola (Director of Gender).

He commended the group for deeming him worthy of their honour and advised to pursue honour, integrity, patriotism, wisdom, experience and enterprising spirit in order to succeed in life, be role models and exemplary leaders to society.

“When I see youths like you coming, I feel impressed because of your level of compunction and what is motivating you toward seeing people like us because actually, I’m not a flashy person. I live a very simple life. So, for somebody to identify what I’m doing and deemed it necessary to present an award to me despite the fact that I am not flashy, it shows you know what you are doing, it means you are not going for people living in luxury who have money to throw around. It shows that you are examples of youths that should be encouraged.

“However, it is very unfortunate that average Nigerian youth is not patient. They talk about revolution, revolution. I’m a revolutionist and I believe so much in revolution but revolution is meant to be systematic because if you had a drastic revolution and there is change in regime suddenly, which youth is going to take up the mantle of power? Is it the Yahoo Yahoo youths we have now? Is it the Japa youths? Is it the brain drain apostles? Is it the impatient youths who want to ride G – Wagon immediately and want to be like Pelican CEO within a year? Not knowing where we were coming from over the years? Is it the drug addicts generation? Average Nigerian youths takes drugs, Shisha, corolado under a disguise through concoction and mixtures? Don’t get me wrong, we have some of the best brains among our youths in Nigeria, but how do we retain them here is the big issue. The level of brain drain is scary and appalling.

“So, we are really in a sorry state. If you are looking for right young people with experience to take over, it is going to take time. It is not about bringing young people who are arrogant, who talk to elders and leaders anyhow. The irony is that most of us don’t know what we are doing, that is why you hear some them say we want this and we don’t want that leader. When you see youths that talk to president anyhow, insult president, governors and other leaders arrogantly, they will end up being like Ukraine President who does not really have power to fight but chose to fight.

“You must learn how to choose your battle, you have achieved so much in your country but you saw some one that is bigger than you, instead of you to choose your battle and look for amicable way to resolve issues, you go into war. Now, he almost destroyed all what his country has built over the years. That is the problem. When you have energetic youth but are unwilling to apply wisdom, at the end of the day they will achieve something with one leg and use the other leg to destroy what they have achieved because they lack experience.”

Speaking earlier, PYAN National President, Amb. Omobolaji Sanni, said Adeyemo deserved the award bestowed him, having been found to be “commendable, credible, courageous, creative, dynamic, energetic, exceptional, friendly, humble, inspiring, innovative, kindhearted, resourceful, reliable and man of positive reaction” in the he conducts his life and real estate business.

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